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where the sins fly

Sentient being in the making
25 April
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About a Sinner

This is my writing journal, created for my own convenience (so that I could store all things creative in one place), and yours- here, I promise to behave myself and stay away from all randomness and personal ramblings. Only sinful things will be written here.
You can (and, eventually, will) find on this journal all my work: poems (both in Polish and English), fanfics, original stories, drabbles, one-shots, multi-chapter projects and story arcs.

A happy owner of sin snippet, yours in my evil ways,
at the moment most cheerful,

If you want to know me (yeah, I'm too asking myself who would) go here: yenneffer

And credit for a layout: janine42584

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My offer at help_japan: Details and bidding here The auction is open till 26 March.

Currently writing: Rage of Angels
Fandom: King Arthur
A/N: a vampire AU- my own perspective, though; it has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight as I simply cannot stomach it. Stories from this arc are posted every Monday.

Currently on HIATUS: A man like a tree
Fandom: King Arthur
Summary: Year 465 A.D. An unheard-of spread of death is a cause of gossip. A dangerous gossip that comes with dangerous solutions.
There is only more death. And amongst it, there is fate- or is it only a blurred lie?, and faith that they must come to understand if they are ever going to emerge out of this alive. It's becoming harder, the closer it gets to the end of their term.
ON HIATUS (there're 4 chapters you can read)

Friending policy: This IS a writing journal; it's not friend's only, but if you friend me, I'll happily friend you back. However, I do not think I will be checking my flist on this account, so I probably won't be commenting much on your journal entries from this LJ account. I'm sorry, but the day is just a tad too short to manage everything.

Before you go ballistic about my username: I know it's misspelled (proper version from The Witcher: Yennefer); it's supposed to be like that. And it's old, and I don't particularly want to change it after all those years.